New born

The first weeks after your baby is born pass in a flash: before you know it, your child is sitting up, smiling and making a grab for anything that is within reach. That is why it’s wonderful to have a record of those first days, when your tiny baby is just beginning to get accustomed to being in the world – curled up, sleepy and beautiful.

My newborn photography records this special time in a way that is unique to each family. I love to capture the emotions and the bonds; those early looks of parent to child and child to parent; the moments when love is so intense a parent just has to pull their baby ever so close and breathe in the amazing smell of their tiny baby, the parents’ wonder at the tiny, squidgy limbs and the softest hair on their heads; the little glances between parents of excitement, pride and joy.

A new born shoot is 3 hours, this gives you time to feed and change etc, there is a q&a sheet I will send you upon booking. Book in from when you are 30 weeks pregnant to make sure we have available space for such a long shoot as these are extremely popular shoots.

PS: you can cuddle up on the settee with a blanket and leave me to it if you have been up for a week with no sleep






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